Cure Nasal Polyps Naturally : Natural Medicine | Yoga | Acupressure

Cure Nasal Polyps Naturally : Natural Medicine | Yoga | Acupressure

What are Nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps are formations on the lining of the nasal passages, however, they are neither painful nor cancerous. They usually take the form of a drop or a bunch of grapes hanging from the nose. Most of the time nasal polyps form after a prolonged inflammation of the tissue, asthma, or immune disorders. Predominantly, these formations do not result in symptoms, however, if the growths become too big they might block your airways and inhibit breathing, as well as affect your sense of smell. The good thing is that you can cure nasal polyps naturally with the help of natural medicines, yoga exercises, and acupressure massages.

Usually, such formations occur in adults, but there are cases when younger individuals can be affected as well. While in most cases the polyps shrink when medically treated, sometimes they have to be surgically removed. They can also reoccur after being removed.

Causes Of Nasal polyps

As mentioned above, nasal polyps are usually the result of a prolonged infection of the tissue of the nasal mucosa. This is the layer of wet tissue, which serves as the protection mechanism of the nose against dirt and dust. Whenever the mucosa becomes infected it swells up and turns red. If this condition remains for a prolonged period of time the mucosa starts forming polyps which look like small drops, or tears and come out of the nasal pathways. These polyps may resemble the form of cists.

While there are cases when nasal polyps form without any previous problems related to the nasal mucosa, they are usually the result of a trigger. Some of the triggers could be:

  • Chronic sinus infections
  • Asthma
  • Allergic rhinitis, commonly known as hay fever
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Churg-Strauss syndrome
  • Sensitivity to anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin
  • Hereditary predisposition

What are the symptoms of nasal polyps?

These soft, painless formations usually grow in the area where the eyes, nose, and cheekbones meet. There the upper sinuses release secretions, and this irritates the nasal mucosa. There are cases when people are unaware they have polyps, because the formations lack nerve sensation, and thus can only be felt if touched. Unfortunately, polyps can develop as large masses which block the air pathways, and lead to a chronic congestion and troubles when breathing. Thankfully, there are numerous natural nasal polyps treatments that help with managing the condition and also improve your natural health. These treatments for nasal polyps can also cure them permanently, however, there is always a chance the formations may occur again. Some of the more common symptoms related to nasal polyps are:

  • Trouble breathing, and a feeling that your nose is blocked
  • Runny nose
  • Mucus running down the back of your throat, medically known as postnasal drip
  • Stiffness in the nasal area
  • Congestions
  • Lack of a sense of smell
  • Catching yourself breathing through the mouth
  • Sense of pressure and even pain in the forehead
  • Headaches, caused by a sinus infection
  • Sleeping apnea
  • Snoring

Many of these symptoms can be treated with the help of natural remedies, and in fact, one of the best natural treatments for nasal polyps is tea tree. Below you will see a list of recommendations on how to cure nasal polyps permanently and improve your natural health through such treatments.

Natural Medicines for Nasal Polyps

Most of these natural medicines are readily available in your local shop, and their preparation is very easy. The only thing you need to do is incorporate them in your daily regime, and you will see that it is possible to get rid of nasal polyps yourself.

Steam inhalations

While there are specially designed pots to help you produce steam, a simple hot steam inhalation is just as efficient when trying to cure nasal polyps naturally. You can add smells to the water you are steaming for a more pleasurable experience. Studies show that such inhalations help with sinus-related buildups and headaches. There are several ways in which you can take advantage of a steam inhalation: take a bath with hot water, use a humidifier, or even just boil a pot of water on a stove and inhale the steam. A single inhalation daily is a very effective natural nasal polyp treatment.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil for nasal polyps is one of the most recommended natural medicines when trying to get rid of this condition. Scientific tests prove that it helps reduce inflammation and itching, which means that tea tree oil can fight off both symptoms and causes of the nasal polyps. In order to use tea tree oil, you should create a mixture of three to five drops of the essential oil in a carrier oil like olive or canola oil. Dab a cotton ball in the solution and insert it in your nasal passages. Another way to use tea tree in an aromatherapy diffuser.

Tea Tree Oil To Cure Nasal Polyps Naturally
Tea tree oil

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is an extremely helpful treatment for nasal polyps as it contains capsaicin, which is a compound that clears the buildup in sinuses. This spice can be taken in the form of a diluted nasal spray, or it can be taken internally with your food. Capsaicin is a natural health booster, it opens up blocked nasal passages and relieves inflammation. For best results add one or two teaspoons of cayenne pepper to your meals, or make a tea by mixing two teaspoons in a cup of hot water.


Chamomile has been known as an anti-inflammatory agent for centuries, and scientific experiments have proven that as well. Incorporate chamomile essential oil in your daily regime by diluting three to five drops of chamomile essential oil in a cup of hot water. You can also make steam infusions with it, following the same measurements.

Chamomile To Cure Nasal Polyps Naturally


Eucalyptus oil is derived from the Eucalyptus tree fоund in Australia. It has proven antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and is an essential natural medicine when trying to get rid of nasal polyps. However, you should take precautions before using the oil and check if you are allergic to it by diluting a drop of the essential oil in any carrier oil. Place a drop or two of the mixture on a cotton ball and rub some of it on your skin, if there is no reaction after several hours you are not allergic to the essential oil. Use the oil for making steam infusions.


Garlic is one of the most well known immune system boosters. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and can help to manage polyp buildups and improve breathing. You can use garlic as an addition to your meals, or you can dilute two to three teaspoons of powder garlic in hot water and drink it as a tea.


Goldenseal is a herb, brewed into tea, which reduces the symptoms of nasal polyps related to infections and inflammations of the nasal mucosa. However, therapies including goldenseal tea should not exceed three weeks and are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of a healthy human organism, which is why you should either look for salmon and flaxseed added in your daily food intake, or you should order an Omega-3 supplement. These fatty acids are known to boost the immune system and can help with easing inflammation, which is very useful to cure nasal polyps naturally.

Omega 3 To Cure Nasal Polyps Naturally
Omega 3


Introducing even a part of these natural remedies in your daily regime is a great way to remove nasal polyps yourself. Not only that, but all of these have a boosting effect on the immune system and your general health. Below you will see some yoga for nasal polyps exercises which will add to the effect of the natural medicines mentioned above.

Yoga for Nasal Polyps Treatment

Yoga for nasal polyps and pranayama yoga are very helpful for balancing your chakras and recovering from any inflammations and infections. Pranayama yoga is extremely useful because it is a set of breathing exercises that will not only help with the clearing of your nasal pathways but will also help you feel more relaxed and clear-minded. Yoga exercises can help with sinus-related headaches as well. Below you will see the instructions for how to perform two very easy, but equally useful yoga to cure nasal polyps naturally.

Anulom Bilom

The essential part of pranayama yoga is controlled breathing, and it can eliminate nasal polyps.

  • Sit with your legs crossed on a yoga mat or a blanket.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Press your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale deeply by left nostril.
  • Remove your thumb from right nostril and press left nostril so that you can exhale by right nostril.
  • Make sure that, both the exhale and inhale process takes 5 seconds each.
  • Do this vice-versa ( Inhale through the right nostril and exhale by left nostril).
  • Repeat this alternating process for around 20 minutes.
Anulom-Bilom-To-Cure-Nasal Polyps-Naturally


This is a pranayama yoga pose, which improves your general immune system state, as pranayama yoga removes around 80% of the toxins in your body. The essential part of pranayama yoga is controlled breathing and it will help to cure nasal polyps naturally.

  • Sit comfortably on a yoga mat or a blanket.
  • Breathe in deeply.
  • While breathing in, pull your stomach inward and trying to reach your spine.
  • Release the breath by your nose.
  • Do this exercise 20 minutes a day.
Kapalbhati Pranayam To Cure Nasal Polyps Naturally


Practicing these yoga and Pranayama yoga exercises in combination with an improved daily regime including some of the natural medicines mentioned above will help you get rid of nasal polyps by yourself at home.

Acupressure Massages To Cure Nasal Polyps Naturally

Acupressure massages are the last key component of this treatment for nasal polyps. There are several key acupressure points which directly work on problems related with the sinuses and the nasal mucosa. Here you can see where to find these points and how to massage them:

Acupressure point LI20

Location: These points are symmetrically located on either side of your nostrils.

Benefits: Massaging these points for at least thirty seconds at a time, with a pointy object like the eraser on a pencil, or your finger. Stimulating this point will unblock your nasal pathways and ease breathing.

Acupressure point UB2

Location: This point is located at the point where the eye line meets the beginning of your nose.

Benefits: Stimulating this point will release any pressure on the sinuses, and relieve headaches related to sinus inflammation. Massage it for at least thirty seconds at a time.

Acupressure point LV2

Location: This point is located at the crease between your first two toes.

Benefits: Daily massages of this point for at least thirty seconds will relax your sinuses and keep them at bay for the long run.

Acupressure point SI8

Location: These points are symmetrically located at the hollow between your cheeks and your cheekbones.

Benefits: Applying pressure to these points simultaneously for thirty seconds at a time can improve your breathing, help with the healing of nasal infections and release the blockage.

Acupressure Points To Remove Nasal Polyps


This thorough guide on how to cure nasal polyps naturally at home will help you with this nasty condition. Apply at least some of the tips we covered and you will see the difference. Our natural medicine, yoga and acupressure guides can help you with other conditions as well – Stay Tuned!


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