Privacy Policy

Below you will find the privacy policy terms and agreement clauses.

Personal Information

Personal information is any data regarding an identifiable person. This means information relating to, or belonging to anyone who can be directly or indirectly identified as a human being, who is registered and possesses a personal name, identification number, and any other data connected to individual identification.  Personal information is collected when you provided it yourself when prompted by the site, and when we collect data automatically when the use of our product is initiated. Such information is gathered by any device on which your service is used by you and in case of any of the following events:

  • Account registration
  • Web form and survey submissions
  • Social media engagement through our service
  • Account information updates
  • Any other form of correspondence between you and the site, service, or company

General Personal Data

Personal data of the following types may be required by us in order for you to use our service:

  • Personal contact details including title, name, address, telephones and emails
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Any social media platforms that you use
  • Location information
  • Information collected from your computer regarding your personal statistics on the site, like the number of pages viewed, your IP address, and your advertisement data

Other Information

  1. Cookies – “cookies” are text files sent from your computer to us every time you employ our services. Their main function is to remember and automatically select personal preferences, and settings on the site, so that an ease of access and utility is provided for the customer. It is optional whether you want to use “cookies” or not, and you can specify your choice in your web browser settings.
  2. Beacons and Pixels – this type of service consists of invisible pixels spread around the screen, which keep track of visibility and popularity of pages. They count how many times a certain post, or page is visited by customers of our service.



Use of Your Personal Information

Your personal information will only be used for the cases specified below, and this is what you agree to when you accept our Privacy Policy. The services and its administrators are allowed to use your personal information solely for the following purposes:

General Personal Data:

  • Completing customer orders
  • Processing of payments
  • Customer support
  • Services improvements
  • Compliance with regulations (financial, and legal)
  • In order to provide relevant information selected especially for you
  • In order to improve our service and add new content
  • For services updates, marketing and advertisements, and promotions
  • To improve support and security of the services
  • Content customization
  • Analysis of user patterns and statistics
  • In order to provide location-based information
  • In order to protect your own interests
  • In order to protect public security

Other information:

  1. Cookies:
    • In order to provide the best user experience
    • In order to provide relevant advertising, including from third-party sources
  2. Tracking Signals:
    • In order to respond to signals sent by your browser in case the “do not track” option is turned on
    • We cannot be responsible for third-party services and their tracking policies


Sharing of Personal Information

Relating to the services provided by us we are allowed to share your information with the following:

  • Any of our partners and service providers
  • Information processors and contractors
  • Software and program providers
  • Hosting and domain providers
  • Inside company between departments and sectors
  • With third-party companies if legally required
  • In case of a deal when the company and service are sold, with the new owner

Safety of your Personal Information

Your personal information is stored with us, and we hold the responsibility to keep it safe and guarantee your rights stated in this policy. We provide security in the following ways:

  • Your information is stored with us
  • Your information is protected against inappropriate use and disappearance
  • No unauthorized usage is permitted regarding your information
  • The data you provide cannot and will not be altered in any way

Rights and Personal Choices Concerning Your Data

As the data you provide is yours, and we do not have ownership over it, you have choices available as to how we use and collect your data:

  • You have the ability to unsubscribe from any email newsletters you receive from us
  • You have the right to contact us regarding any question or query related to our services or your information and personal data
  • You have the right to access to the data our company has stored on you, once you have submitted a request
  • You have the right to be informed how your information is being used
  • You have the right to make corrections to your personal data, once a request has been approved
  • You have the right to disallow us from using your personal data
  • You have the right to file for erasure of any unnecessary data that is in our procession
  • You have the right to restrict the usage of cookies form your browser settings
  • You have the right to keep your location private by changing your device settings

Children Information

The use of our services is not permitted for any individual below the age of thirteen. Children above thirteen, but below eighteen are required to use this service with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. In such cases, the parent or legal guardian provides consent for the utilization of the child’s data, and accepts these privacy terms.

Connection to other services or sites

Any link to a third party outside product or site is not covered by these privacy policy terms, and your rights and obligations to which you agree here, are not guaranteed on such outside sources. It is your obligation to be familiarized with the individual privacy policies of third party sites.

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