Top 15 Zinc Benefits For Men

Top 15 Zinc Benefits For Men

Zinc is an essential mineral found in almost every cell in the body. This nutrient is naturally abundant in some foods, but also comes readily available as a dietary supplement.

According to the Mayo Clinic, zinc plays a key role in boosting our immune system and metabolism, as well as in wound healing and our ability to taste and smell. But what is in it for men? What do we get out of it? Here, we list the top 15 zinc benefits for men. Find out why your diet should include zinc for health benefits and to maintain your body’s natural health.

1.  Cell Repairing 

Men are naturally active. We tend to work our bodies as hard as we possibly could, whether at the gym, at work, at home, or our favorite sport.

Whenever we are active, our muscles undergo stress. The good news is, zinc is a wonderful natural medicine that plays a crucial role in building and repairing the cells in our muscles.

2.  Boosting the Immune System 

One of the most important zinc benefits for men and women is that it increases our T-cells or the cells that fight infection. This makes zinc an important nature medicine to ward off infection, especially for those who have a weak immune system, such as the elderly.

Immune System_ Zinc Benefits For Men
Immune System

3.  Replace alcohol with zinc for health benefits

Men and alcohol almost always go together. Unfortunately, liver damage can occur as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

Fortunately, researches from the Westmead Institute have recently found that one of the significant benefits of zinc is its potential of being an effective treatment for liver damage. So, if you want to improve your liver’s natural health, it may be best to ditch the beer and look at adding more zinc into your diet.

4.  Preventing Baldness 

Perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of zinc for us men is its ability to encourage hair growth. After all, who would want a balding hairline, right?

Baldness_Zinc Benefits For Men


Zinc plays a crucial role in the repair and growth of hair tissue. A great way of maximizing zinc for health benefits is consuming lean cuts of meat, as these are thought to be full of zinc. Aside from satisfying your palate and your tummy, that steak may also be keeping you from going bald.

5.    Acne Prevention 

Zinc is regarded as a nature medicine against acne because of the role it plays in maintaining the overall natural health of your skin.

A 2018 study has revealed that zinc is cheaper, more effective, and has lesser side effects than commercially available acne treatments, making it a better alternative. This is probably the best zinc benefits for men’s skin.

If acne has been bothering you, check your diet to see if you have enough food containing the nature medicine zinc. A change in diet is sometimes all it takes to achieve healthy, flawless skin. Make sure to consume zinc-rich foods to achieve the many zinc benefits for the skin.

6.    Natural Medicine: Zinc Minimizes Cold Symptoms

The benefits of zinc in reducing cold symptoms were first identified in 1984 after a study revealed that zinc supplementation prevented people from getting severely ill. Since then, the use of zinc for health benefits became popular.

A lot of other research has been done on the benefits of zinc for cold symptoms, and the results were varied. The Mayo Clinic reports an analysis of several studies around zinc syrups and lozenges, which revealed that these cut the length of the cold by one day.

Cold Symptoms_Zinc Benefits For Men
Cold Symptoms


The only thing about these researches is that none of them contained the same zinc preparations and dosages. Because of this, it is difficult to determine what the effective dose was.

To be on the safe side, it is best to consult your doctor before considering using zinc supplements as nature medicine to reduce the length of colds.

7.    Reducing the Risk of Prostate Cancer 

Maintaining the natural health of your prostate is one of the most crucial roles that zinc plays in the body. In fact, next to the bone, the prostate has the highest concentration of zinc out of all tissues of the body.

As men age, our diet habits tend to change, sometimes affecting our zinc consumption. Studies have shown that reduced zinc levels may play a role in the development of prostate disease in the form of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate carcinomas.

To help decrease your chances of developing prostate diseases, such as cancer, make sure you maximize the use of zinc for health benefits by having enough zinc in your diet. If you want to boost your zinc levels but would want to avoid a zinc supplement, have a read through the list we made of the natural sources of zinc.

8.  Promoting Brain Health.

Zinc is found in high concentrations in the hippocampus or the part of the brain that is responsible for our learning and memory.

Cold Symptoms_ Zinc Benefits For Men
Brain Health

A team of neurologists published a study in 2011 outlining the benefits of zinc in maintaining the natural health of the hippocampus, which in turn has a positive effect on our learning and memory. Zinc is also a great nature medicine for the brain owing to its role in preventing serious brain diseases such as epileptic seizures and schizophrenia, to name a few.

Another reason to ensure adequate amounts of zinc for health benefits is that it can protect our bodies from harmful bacteria.

9. Promoting Protein Synthesis.

Protein is a nutrient that is found in almost every structure of the body. It helps build healthy cells and muscles, promote healthy skin, and repairs damage to muscular structures.

We get protein from the food that we eat, but we need it broken down into amino acids so it can be absorbed in the body and used to perform the functions described above. This process is known as protein synthesis, a process that will not be complete without zinc.

So, what does this tell us? Protein alone is not enough to bulk up our muscles or maintain our strength and health. To be able to use protein efficiently and adequately, we need zinc.


10. Maintaining a Healthy Heart.

Adequate amounts of zinc help maintain the natural health of the cellular structures of our body, including the heart. An imbalance of zinc levels in the blood can cause many diseases, such as heart conditions, also known as cardiovascular disease.


Healthy Heart_Zinc Benefits For Men
Healthy Heart

Cardiologists from China did a study in 2018, looking at the relationship between zinc levels and the occurrence of heart failure. The study found that participants suffering from heart failure had lower zinc levels than the study participants who did not have the disease.


11. Boosting Your Energy and Endurance 

Being men, we are more often than not subject to long working hours and poor sleeping habits, which can lead us to feel low on energy. While changing our habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle can help, ensuring that our diet contains adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals also play an important role in boosting our energy.

A leading men’s health online resource has outlined the many zinc benefits for men in terms of boosting endurance and energy levels. According to the site, several studies have been known to link zinc with improved athletic energy and stamina.

If you are feeling low on energy, it may be worth checking your diet and making sure that you are consuming enough food containing zinc.

12. Zinc Helps Maintain the Natural Health of Your Thyroid Hormones

One of the zinc benefits for men is that it helps in the production of thyroid hormones.

What do thyroid hormones do? Thyroid hormones have many important roles in our body, but the most important for men is the thyroid hormone’s part in maintaining our testosterone levels. Too little or too much thyroid hormone is said to impact your body’s production and secretion of testosterone.

This leads us to our next zinc benefit for men: testosterone production. Read on to find out more.

A boost in Testosterone 

Perhaps one of the most important zinc benefits for men is that it maintains and boosts our testosterone levels. Nothing says manly more than testosterone.

As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone has a crucial role in the development of our manhood – from our reproductive organs through to our sexual characteristics, such as our muscles, bone mass, and hair growth.

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that one of the zinc benefits for men was doing wonders for your manhood. As promised, here it goes.

What happens when you have low testosterone? Low levels of testosterone can cause you to have problems with your erections, reduced semen production, lower sex drive, hair loss, the difficulty of sleeping, and many more. Preventing these adverse effects from happening is among the zinc benefits for men.

It is essential to remember, however, to consult your doctor first if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. This is because sometimes, zinc deficiency may not be the only problem causing them and that the use of zinc for health benefits may not be enough.


14. Maintains the Natural Health of Your Sperm.

One of the benefits of zinc is the improvement of sperm motility, or the ability of the sperm to move towards the egg. This is another one of the most important zinc benefits for men especially those wanting to have children because low sperm motility is known to be the leading cause of male infertility.

Sperm Health_ Zinc Benefits For Men
Sperm Health

Also, a research article published in 2018 has concluded that adequate zinc levels are needed to promote the natural health of the sperm, including its function and motility.

To ensure the natural health of your little swimmers, incorporate foods rich in zinc to your diet. To find out more about the best foods to increase your zinc levels, check out our list of natural sources of zinc.

15. Zinc is a Natural Medicine that Boosts Your Libido.

We have already gone through some of the uses of zinc for health benefits. Remember earlier in the article when we said one of the zinc benefits for men is it does wonders for your manhood? Well, this is perhaps the benefit most interesting to you.

Dr. Oz has described zinc as the ultimate sex mineral. Zinc plays a crucial role in the production of testosterone, or men’s key sex hormone.

In 2010, a review of published studies revealed that zinc supplementation not only increased blood testosterone levels, but it also had a positive impact on sexual drive and frequency. Another notable zinc benefit for men is that it has been known to help those that are dealing with erectile dysfunction, acting as a nature medicine to improve the quality of erections.

You have just read our list of the top15 zinc benefits for men. We hope this has given you a newfound appreciation of the many benefits zinc has for your body. Remember that supplements are not always necessary to boost your zinc levels. There are many zinc foods available for you to incorporate into your diet, from which you will still get the same zinc benefits.

Speaking of zinc benefits for men, which one is your favorite? I guess we all know the answer to that.

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